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Breakfast, Lunch and diNner. ready to eat. delivered every morning

Do you struggle to find the time to eat a balanced diet?

How do you know if your diet consists of enough Vitamins and Minerals?

Do you really know how many calories you consume? 

Is planning, shopping and preparing your meals overwhelming?

Do you experience the so called"afternoon slump"?

Are you concerned about pesticides and antibiotic residues in your food?

Is it time to take back control of your health?

We only use certified organic ingredients in our meals

SKIM is made for you..

We understand how hard it is to plan your meals if you are concerned about the ing all organic meals delivered. 

Saying No to:

SKIM is made for you..

We understand how overwhelming it can be to plan and prepare balanced meals while managing our busy lives. We also know that  if you are concerned about pesticide and antibiotic residues in your food as we are, you are choosing organic. And of course the best ingredients are pointless if prepared in a damaging way. Read more.. 

no hydrogenated fats

no artificial colours

no preservatives

no refined sugars

no gluten containing ingredients 

no artificial flavourings 

our mission is to free up your time by providing nutritious meals that contributes to your wellbeing  

How it works

Pick a meal plan that suits your needs

We freshly prepare your meals every day

Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, ready to eat delivered 

Hassle free nutrition on the go or at home

All meal plans are created with the aim of providing a balanced diet with an excellent amount of micronutrients .  

Meals are prepared by hand in small batches, using only certified organic ingredients according our quality standard.  

We deliver every morning, Monday to Friday by 8AM.  Cut off time for Weekly Meal Plan orders is Saturday 6PM prior the next week delivery.

Spend more time on the other things that really matter in life. Wherever you go, our meals are safely packaged to keep up.


Weekly Meal plans

Organic ingredients | Naturally rich in Vitamins and Minerals  | Gluten and refined sugar free

Pure Energy Meal Plan
Keto Meal Plan
Paleo Meal Plan
Vegan Meal Plan


1500 kcal/day

balanced in protein and fat